Opening/Closing/Service Rates

Take the worry and hassle out of Opening and Closing. Let our trained service professionals do all the work! Fully insured with over 30 years experience.

Package Features
Small Safety Covers & Above-Grounds
Opening/Closing - Safety Covers
16x32 - 20x40
Opening/Closing - Tarp & Waterbags - Lock-In
$225.00$299.00 - 349.99
10L/20L Liquid Chlorine Shock
Liquid Algaecide Treatment$29$29$29
Clean Waterbags/Fill WaterbagsInc.IncInc.
Clean Cover/Cover PoolInc.Inc.Inc.
Blow Lines/Open LinesInc.Inc.Inc.
Remove Features/Install FeaturesInc.Inc. Inc.
Anti-Freeze (Winter)$7/Jug (4L)$7/Jug (4L)$7/Jug (4L)
Winterize Pump/Filter/Acc. (Winter)Inc.Inc.Inc.
Service Rate